When Should You Start a Jewelry Business?

Jul 05, 2022
Are You Ready To Start a Jewelry Business

What do you define as being "ready"?

I remember when I first decided to start my jewelry business I was waiting to see the "signs" that would reassure me that I was ready.

I was hoping to receive a message from the universe that reassured me that it was the perfect time to take the leap. 

The problem is, we often do this, put the fate of our destiny onto the universe because we are scared. 

We are scared that we aren't ready, that we might fail. Is this you?😅

Well let me tell you this, if you wait for the perfect time, the time when you are "officially ready", you will be waiting for a while. 

The longer you put off your dreams, the longer you spend "trying to get ready", the further away you get from being ready. 

It's easy for this "preparation" to turn into over-preparation, into overthinking and over-analysing. Then your mind starts to create obstacles that aren't really there, causing you to stay still rather than move forward.


It's All About Taking Action

You can ask anyone that has ever taken a big risk if they ever were ready, and I'm positive they will tell you that there is no such thing as being ready.

 The truth is, you become ready by doing.

          👉🏼 Parents, become parents by having a baby.

          👉🏼 You become an artist by making art.

          👉🏼 You become a business owner by starting a business.

Action is involved in becoming something, and if you want to become that person, an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a jewelry designer, you have to start by taking action. 

And if you are worried about what might happen, well think of that as feedback. This feedback is crucial because it teaches you valuable lessons and allows you to grow and course-correct to improve your plan of becoming that one thing you strive for. 💭


I Was Scared Too

I would like to tell you a little story about when I started/launched my website. I was absolutely terrified of pressing "live" I thought that people were going to judge it, I thought people were going to rush and order so much that I would not be able to keep up (how naïve I was back then). 

And when I finally found the courage to press live there were no fireworks, no one even knew it was live, not one single visitor.

It was all in my head! All these obstacles that my dear brain thought would be fun to throw in front of me! 😅


Believe In Your Capabilities

I want you to correct yourself when you say "I'm just not ready" and start saying "I'm as ready as I need to be right now". 

Because that is the truth about becoming the ultimate version of yourself.

The first step to becoming what you want to be is to start moving, start acting, and start chasing that dream. Not to wait for the universe to hand it to you or to give you directions.  

You can do this. Believe in your capabilities, and change that mindset! 💪🏼

But if you are feeling overwhelmed and a bit unsure of the best steps to take, you would benefit from some 1:1 guidance support. Contact me for a FREE chat to see if we'd be a good fit to work together.  

With Love,



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