Top 5 Things you say that are hindering your Jewellery Business

May 23, 2022
Megan Collins Jewellery Business Coach

Want to know a big factor that can make or break your business? Negative mindset.

Sometimes self-doubt creeps in and we find ourselves saying negative things about our business without realising it.

These are the top 5 things you should stop saying and why they are harming your jewellery business. 


”It’s not really an original design, anyone can make it” - Not everyone can make jewellery. In fact, not many people would even know how to make a ring with strings and beads, let alone with silver!


“Um the price of the ring? It’s... £100?” - Insecurity in your price will make a potential customer think you are making up a random price and will make them want to bargain with you. As a rule, if you’ve done calculations to figure out your product price, then you are charging a fair price.


“But there’s jewellery out there that has the same design and is cheaper” - But are these jewellery pieces handmade? Probably not! Your goal is not to be the lowest price out there; your target customer is probably not looking for the cheapest price anyways.


“Oh I just do some jewellery on the side of my real job”- This one phrase needs to completely be eliminated from your vocabulary. This takes value away from your unique talent and makes people think this is just a small hobby you have on the side.


It’s easy work, it doesn’t take too long”- What you think is easy might be impossible for other people. Value your work and value your unique skill.

Mindset and confidence in your business and products can be a direct reflection of how a designer values their product. So why not hype up your product and recognise your value and unique talent?

With love,


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