How To Set and Achieve Your Jewelry Business Goals

Jun 21, 2022
Achieve Your Jewelry Business Goals

Want to know the difference between dreamers and doers? Accountability. 

 Have you ever had that moment on a Sunday evening where you told yourself:

“Tomorrow I’m gonna start working out more”, 

“This week I am going to focus more on my jewelry business”, 

“Next month I’ll be better with Instagram”

Then days go by, and months go by, and on another Sunday you find yourself repeating the same cycle? 😅


Life is busy and unpredictable. 

I get it. We are all human. There are always going to be things you need to do and tasks you’ll need to prioritise, but there is still a way to do your daily tasks while still chasing your dreams. 

    In the workplace, there are consequences for not doing your work. But being self-employed means it's just you most of the time.   We don’t have anybody checking if you did your work or not today. No boss waiting for you to hand in your article for the newspaper going out tomorrow. This is why I suggest you do the following…

Ask a close friend to be your accountability buddy! 🤩

Having someone else hold you accountable can quickly make you think twice about procrastinating. You’ll be embarrassed to admit you put off working on your dream to catch up with your latest tv show. 🙈

So how do you start doing this?

1. Ask a close friend with whom you communicate on a daily basis if they want to be your accountability buddy in exchange for you being theirs. 

2. Have a short 15 min chat every week or two, where you discuss things you both want to get done before your next meeting. It’s essential to keep these goals specific and achievable. 

3. Discuss what works best for you both in terms of the ways you like to be encouraged. This may vary from person to person. Some might prefer a more gentle approach and some might like the no-fluff approach.  

4. Text each other during the week as a way to check up on each other’s progress.   Texts can range from motivational “ You got this!”,  to questions like “How are you getting along with x? " Or simply sending each other motivational quotes. 

5. When you chat again, talk about your progress and accomplishments, but also give each other feedback. The aim is to make this a symbiotic relationship

  And repeat! ♻️

That’s all it takes!  

You’ll notice how much more efficient and motivated you can be when you feel like you owe it to someone other than yourself, to accomplish the tasks you had set out for. You’ll both benefit from this and it’s definitely a great way to deepen your friendship. 🙌🏼

Start taking your goals seriously and go after them with help from your bestie! 

Are you ready to try this method now?

You can do this! 

If you want to chat more about this, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram 

Lots of love,


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